How To: Build your own hovercraft

Build your own hovercraft

How a Hovercraft can be build.Brittany is demonstrating how to make a Hovercraft. Since hovercraft needs a base she is using plywood for it. She takes square plywood of 48*48 and finds out its center to cut plywood in circle. Don't forget to wear safety goggle while cutting the plywood. Then she takes a square plastic to make it an air cushion so that the hovercraft should float. In order to secure plastic to the wood she used screws and a plastic top. Then cut the vent hole and plastic by six inches larger than the wood. She used staple gum and duct tape to finish the hovercraft. The plastic top holes hold the plastic in the center and air from the top hole pressurizes the center. Air leaking out of the edges creates a layer of air that reduces the friction and this is what a hovercraft rides on. Then she cuts a hole one foot away from the edge in the correct size to fit the hose. In order to avoid tilting we need to adjust the combination weight of the hovercraft and the weight that you are putting on it with the center. This keeps its level to slide easily. So your hovercraft is ready to move.

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