How To: Make an Easy No-Sew (No Sew) Dress for Barbie and You

Make an Easy No-Sew (No Sew) Dress for Barbie and You

This video teaches how to dress up your Barbie doll in the same dress like yours. This tutorial is for kids and all those who are Barbie or in that matter doll fans.

Step 1: Take Same Cloth as Your Dress

Take the same cloth as your dress. Take a circular cloth and fold it twice. Chop off a hole, this would make the Barbie neck. Once this is done, place your Barbie and cut a small hole in order to make Barbie's one arm slide in. This is for one shoulder dress.

Step 2: Make a Bow

Once the Barbie arm is made and the Barbie is ready to slide in. Wrap the dress around her . Take a white ribbon and tie it on her waist. Make a bow with the same ribbon. Your Barbie is ready. This would be a totally no sew Barbie dress for your Barbie. To have a better understanding of the dress, watch out the video:

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