How to Make Batman, Spiderman, & Superman from Play-Doh

This video tutorial is on how to make one' favorite superheroes with playdough. This video tutorial is especially for kids and everyone that loves playing with playdough.

Step 1: Making Spiderman

To make a Spiderman out of playdough, you need to take an oval shaped cut out of a thick paper. Put red playdough all around it, and remove the excess. Once done, make circular lines, giving it a shape of a spiderweb. To make his eyes, take small triangular shape cut outs of thick paper and cover it with black playdough. Then take small triangular shapes of white playdough and cover it on the black eyed triangular playdough. Your Spiderman is ready.

Step 2: Making Superman

Cut out a shape with thick paper and cover it with blue playdough. Remove the excess of the playdough. Take red playdough and cut a diamond shape out of it. Put a smaller yellow shaped diamond on the top of the red one. Place the red one on the top of the blue base. Once done, take some red playdough and roll it thin, make a "S" shaped alphabet on the yellow diamond that you placed on the red diamond. Your Superman is ready.

Step 3: Making Batman

To make a Batman, take an oval shaped cut out of a thick paper. Cover it with yellow playdough and remove the excess from it. Cut out a Batman mask on a piece of thick paper and cover it with black playdough in the same way as you did for the base. Place this on the top of the base ad your batman is ready. Easy, isn't it?

To have a better understanding on how to go about the whole process of making superheroes, watch this video

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