How To: Make a Play Doh Doraemon from Playdough

Make a Play Doh Doraemon from Playdough

This video talks about how one can make a doraemon character with the help of playdoh. This tutorial is for all the ones who loves Doraemon and playdoh.

Step 1: Making Doraemon's Face

To start making his face, you need to take a round circle of blue playdough and place a similar a little smaller white circle of flattened playdoh over it. Take two round balls of white playdoh for his eyes. Place them on the top, put black play-doh balls on the top of the white balls. To make his nose, take a round ball of red playdoh and place it below his eyes.

Step 2: Making Doraemon's Mouth

For that, take some red playdough and make a circle. Cut it from between and the shape of his mouth is ready. Make his whiskers and his face is ready.

Step 3: Making Doraemon's Body

To make his body, take blue playdoh and give it a shape where it is tapering in the beginning and looks like his body. Take blue playdough and make two balls and press it a bit to give it a shape of hands. For his fingers, take some white playdough and make two balls and place it under his hands. Take two big round balls of white playdough and place it as his feet. Yay! Doraemon is ready.

To have a better understanding of the tutorial, here is the video:

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