How To: Make Disney Finding Nemo with Play Doh

Make Disney Finding Nemo with Play Doh

This video will talk about how one can make Nemo fish from the movie "Finding Nemo". This video is for all those who are Nemo fans.

Step 1: Making Nemo's Body

To make playdoh Nemo, all you need is orange or red and white playdough. To make Nemo's body, you need to take red or orange play-doh and make a ball out of it. Towards the end pinch the ball to form the tail of Nemo. Make lines on his tail with the help of a playdoh knife. For the rest of the body, flatten it a bit but not much. Once the body looks like a fish, it s perfect.

Step 2: Making Stripes on Nemo's Body

To make stripes on Nemo's body, take flat thin playdough and cut out three stripes. One should be large one and the other two shorter ones. Place these stripes his body. Make sure the last one is on the largest one is the last one to be placed. Now it is time to make the eyes of Nemo.

Step 3: Making Nemo's Eyes

Take small white balls of playdoh, and make two tiny balls of red playdough that could fit into the white balls. Fix the red balls over the white ones, use a black felt pen and make dots on the red balls. To give a real view, take tiny balls of white playdoh and place it over the red balls of playdoh on Nemo's eyes.

Step 4: Making Nemo's Fins

To make his fins, take two red balls of play-doh, make sure one ball is bigger than the other. Pull one end and spread out the other. Place it on Nemo's body like shown in the video.

Step 5: Making Nemo Smile

Lastly to make Nemo smile, take some white play-doh and roll it thin. Once done, cut a tiny piece and stick it below his eyes. Our Nemo is ready.

To have a better understanding of how to go about the process, watch out the video:

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