How To: Make a Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Flower

Make a Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Flower

Childcareland has shared with us the most easy way possible to make attractive colorful flowers using nothing but coffee filters, pipe cleaners, felt pens, water spray, and tape.

  1. To start off, she advises us to lay down wax paper on the surface we are working on (to prevent spoiling the workspace).
  2. Random patches of interesting colors of personal choice are made using felt pens on the coffee filter. Filling up white spaces isn't necessary in this step.
  3. Next, sprinkle it using a water sprinkler. This will cause the colors to blend and merge into each other and will thus fill up the white spaces.
  4. Now, the circular filter has to be folded into half, and this half, once again into a half.
  5. In the middle of one of the quarters, a pipe cleaner needs to be placed and then attached using tape, once properly arranged.
  6. Post this, the remaining two ends of the flower, too need to be attached using tape.
  7. Now, all that's left is to open it up to make it look a little bit full and blooming.

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