How To: Develop a child's math skills with pumpkin seeds

Develop a child's math skills with pumpkin seeds

In this video, we are shown how to create and utilize a pumpkin-themed mat and some pumpkin seeds in order to teach young children how to count. Using a mat with a picture of a pumpkin on it, as described in the video, you should have a few squares with numbers on it which the children can put on the mat. Then, using a bowl of pumpkin seeds, have the child pick up the seeds and place them on the mat, having them pick the correct number of seeds as correspond to the number of the square they choose. This can also be done with simple equations such as addition and subtraction equations, where the children can learn to count and do simple math. Using this method, you should be able to teach your young child how to do simple math with the help of some simple household items.

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