How To: Draw a book worm cartoon

Draw a book worm cartoon

Animals and insects make great cartoon characters. So get ready to learn how to draw a worm that turns into a bookworm. All you need is paper, pencil, marker, colored chalks or colored pencils, and an eraser. Start by drawing a squiggly line. Come around and double the line, keeping an equal distance from the other. Draw a curved shape for a head at the end. Draw large circles for his eyes and connect them to give him glasses. Draw his pupils going all the way to the right. Add two small eyebrows facing up. Draw a smile and a small line at the end to close out his cheek. Draw a small V shape and darken it in for his professor's hat. Draw a large flat rectangular shape on top, add a wavy line and a tassel at the end. Draw a ground line and grass on top. Add some curved lines inside his body to add detail. Give him a bowtie, floating in the air a bit. Write the word library next to his bowtie and put it inside an arrow-shaped sign. Add a few lines and darken them in for a 3-D touch. Give it a stick that it's standing on with grass sticking out of the bottom. Draw E=MC2 next to his hat and add a thought balloon around it. Draw smaller bubbles coming out of his head to show that he's thinking. Using dark orange, shade him in with the darker colors where his skin would be away from the light. Use red for his cheeks, yellow for the sign, green for the grass, and blue for his bowtie. Add a few lines of red radiating from his face. Watch this how to video and you will be able to draw this funny book worm cartoon.

Draw a book worm cartoon

Draw a book worm cartoon Click through to watch this video on

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