How To: Draw a cartoon face with an angry expression

Draw a cartoon face with an angry expression

Don't be upset, all you need to create this angry expression is a piece of paper and a pen. To spice it up you can use markers and
colored chalks or colored pencils. Start by loosely drawing a teardrop shape, with a pencil. Then, draw a line going across where the eyes would be, and a line going down the middle of his face. These are guidelines, to show that he's facing forward. Switch to marker to draw the big black circles for his large eyes. Draw eyebrows, facing downward and using thick lines to show anger. Draw a line in the center of the eyebrows to create a frown line. Put pen where guidelines crisscross to draw his nose. Make sure his lower lip is down when drawing his mouth, and draw in his teeth. Draw his tongue with 2 curved lines because his mouth is open. Color in the mouth to show the tongue is inside, in the shadow. Draw 2 small ears on each side of his face. A sideways V shape on the inside will help define his ears. To finish, draw over the tear drop shape with your marker, and erase the guidelines and pencil lines. Draw wiggly crooked lines for hair, because crazy hair shows anger. Draw light lines and clouds coming out of his ears to show steam. You can also draw small teardrops by the lower half of his face for sweat. Use chalk, colored pencils or markers to add color. Watch this how to video and you can draw a cartoon face with an angry expression.

Draw a cartoon face with an angry expression

Draw a cartoon face with an angry expression Click through to watch this video on

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