How To: Face paint flowers and butterflies

Face paint flowers and butterflies

In order to face paint flowers and butterflies, you will need the following: metallic white, pin, a sponge, a paintbrush, green paint, glitter, yellow paint, purple paint, and blue paint. Did the corner of the sponge in pink paint. Dab pink, as a foundation over the upper cheek, the eye, and part of the forehead. Use the paintbrush in a teardrop fashion to paint on 5 petal flowers. Dip the paintbrush in white. Dip the tip of the paintbrush in blue. If the paint starts to dry, then you need to dip it again in the white paint. When you've drawn on the desired number of flowers, paint on green leaves. Then, paint in yellow centers to the flowers. Use the same teardrop method to paint on butterflies. Outlines the butterflies in purple. You can embellish the butterfly as much or as little as you want.

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