How To: Make 5 easy face or body paint designs

Make 5 easy face or body paint designs

In this video, we learn how to make five easy face or body paint designs. First, to make a shooting star, grab a sponge and apply your paint to the edge of it. You will want to paint three colors next to each other on the edge of the sponge. Now, drag this across the skin and make a point at the end, then paint on a star. Next, to make a flower you will paint four hearts that are all touching with their points in the middle, then paint on leaves by swiping the brush sideways. To paint Spiderman, make two teardrop shapes with white, then outline them with black and paint a round circle around the face in red. Now, outline with black and add black lines to the face to make the spider web shape. Have fun with doing this, remember it doesn't need to be perfect and let your personality shine through.

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