How To: Make blue goop at home using kitchen ingrediants

Make blue goop at home using kitchen ingrediants

This video shows you how to make non-toxic blue goo in your kitchen. You will need 3 eggs, two bowls, milk, coconut or vegetable oils and a spoon. First break the eggs and pour them carefully into the spoon to ensure that you can dispose the egg yellow as you will not need it. Repeat this for each of the three eggs. Then mix up the egg whites, ensuring that you do not beat the egg whites too much. Then add around four tablespoons of oil into the eggs and mix it up once more. As the egg whites turn a little lighter, stop and add the blue color, approximately 15 drops and continue to mix up the eggs. Then pour approximately 3 teaspoons into the mixture and mix it well once more. If you want to make the goo thicker, you can always add wheat flour. The presenter suggests that you can use the goo as a Halloween decoration or for pranks (to through at your friends).

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