How To: Make bubbles with dish soap

Make bubbles with dish soap

In this video woman describes how to make bubble with liquid dish soap from your home. She says that it might occupy one's child for hours.

She doesn't use any measure units and just pours stuff into the bowl using her discretion. She recommends using the plastic bowl so that you can come outside with it and not worry about breaking it.

Basically a very simple process.

Pour a palmolive, dawn or any other dish oil into the bowl. Add a little bit of corn syrup if you want, to help bubbles not pop for longer. Add water as much as you need, depending on how long you are planning to blow bubbles. Mix well.

Afterwards she demonstrates that one can use almost anything that has holes in it to blow bubbles. Spatulas, spoons with holes, even suggests using a wire frame. The video finishes with her blowing some bubbles using different kitchenware.

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