How To: Make a dragon puppet out of recycled materials

Make a dragon puppet out of recycled materials

This video is about how to make a puppet dragon out of household items. First, a piece of card stock paper is cut in half the long way. Next, you must take an empty 18-pack egg carton and cut off a strip of egg slots. Using a stapler, the two pieces of paper are connected long ways, with the egg strip stapled on top of it. This forms the body. To make the head, a small cardboard box is stapled to one end. A smaller cardboard box (about half the size of the one already used) is glued on top. For the eyes, a pencil is speared through the head, and ping pong balls are attached to each side. The dragon is then painted and decorated in any way that you choose. This video used confetti and streamers. A strip of red tissue paper may be used for the tongue. Finally, Two holes are cut at opposite end of the dragon and strings are attached. Attach the other end of the strings both ends of a long stick, and you have a dragon puppet!

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