How To: Make a Frankenstein picnic bag

Make a Frankenstein picnic bag

This video tutorial shows how to transform a paper bag to a picnic bag designed with Frankenstein's face on the front. The ending result of the tutorial is shown in the beginning. The materials needed are listed after the example, including the total number and color of each material needed. The tutorial starts by cutting down the paper bag and folding the top of the bag. Handles for the bag are then cut out and stapled onto the top of the bag – one on each side. To prevent the staples from appearing another strip of paper is glued to where the staples appear. Green paper is then glued onto the front for Frankenstein's face and hair is cut out and glued. A pom pom is used for his nose and bolts are glued on the side of his face. If you follow this tutorial, you will be able to create a picnic bag with Frankenstein's face on the front.

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