How To: Make Peppa Pig from Play-Doh

Make Peppa Pig from Play-Doh

Want to learn how to make Peppa Pig with Play-Doh? Here is our attempt on showcasing a tutorial on how to make Peppa Pig with Play-Doh.

Step 1: Peppa's Body

Take pink playdough. Roll it into a ball and then fllatten it and cut out a medium sized triangle.

Step 2: Peppa's Face

For peppa's face, from flattened play-doh cut out a pig shapes face - a circle with a little trunk at one end for Peppa's nose. Stick this on the top of the triangle.

Step 3: Peppa's Features

Having got the shape of Peppa's face ready, make eyes for Peppa with 2 small white play-doh balls. Then take 2 small pink balls (as big as the eyes) and flatten them out. These will form her ears. Simply stick them to the top of her head. To finish it off, take a black felt pen and make the pupils and nostrils. Tada! Face is done and done

Step 4: Peppa's Hands and Legs

Roll out 4 pink play-doh cylinders. Take 2 and stick them on either side of the triangle that is Peppa's body. Take the other 2 and stick them to the bottom of the triangle to form her legs. Make sure to make the hands longer than her legs.

Then, for the hands - take 6 really tiny pink cylinders to to make Peppa's fingers (3 for each hand). And for the legs, we will make Blue shoes for Peppa. Simply roll Blue play-doh into 2 cylindrical tubes and place them on each leg. Voila! Almost done!

Step 5: Peppa's Tail

Roll out some pink play-doh into a very thin line and then twirl it to form a loop. The loop should have long ends on either side. That will form your tail for Peppa. Just attach it to the triangle and we're done!

Step 6: Party Hat

Allow your creation to rest for a couple of minutes. Then carefully pick it up and stick it onto any party hat to create your very own Peppa Pig Party Hat! You could also stick it onto a pen stand, vase or any other object of your choice.

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