How To: Make Playdoh Food Burger with Playdough

Make Playdoh Food Burger with Playdough

This video talks about how one can create a burger from a simple play doh set. This video is for kids and for everyone who loves playing with playdoh.

Step 1: Create Your Burger Base

Take a round piece of orange playdoh and make the burger base. Press the base in the shape of a bun.

Step 2: Add Your Toppings

You can make onion rings, cabbage leaves and any of your favorite toppings with the help of playdoh moulds.

Step 3: Make Cheese Slices

Once you are done with your toppings, cut two squares of yellow playdoh and place it on the top of your burger bun.

Step 4: Make the Burger Bun

Make the burger bun and add yellow tiny play doh circles to give it a real look. You can have a look at the video, it will give you a better idea.

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