How To: Make Playdoh Food Pizza with Playdough

Make Playdoh Food Pizza with Playdough

This how to will teach kids and their moms how to make a pizza from playdough. Playdough helps kids in developing gross motor skills, finger strength and dexterity. So, lets get started-

Step 1: Creating the Pizza Crust

The first step is to make the Pizza crust. Take a round circle of orange playdough and flatten it. take a roll of orange playdough and add it around the circle, giving it a proper shape of the Pizza crust.

Step 2: Adding Cheese

Once the crust is done, take a circle of white playdough and flatten it like you did it for the crust. Flatten the white circle and your cheese slice is ready. Place it over the crust.

Step 3: Add Peperoni and Other Toppings

After your cheese is spread, you need to make your favorite toppings with the help of Playdough moulds. Decorate your toppings on the

pizza and your playdough pizza is ready

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