How To: Make a pom pom curtain

Make a pom pom curtain

Children like to have fun things in their rooms. A pompom curtain is perfect for a little girl to have and pretend it is the entrance to her castle. A young boy might like a plain colored pompom curtain to pretend it is the entrance to the dungeon where he keeps his monsters! Materials you will need for this project are: Colorful pompoms 1 long dowel (as long as your doorway's width) String or yarn (cut pieces as long as your doorway's height) Scissors Glue Take a cut piece of your yarn or ribbon and tie one end to the dowel. Cut the loose end. Take your glue and put some on one of the pompoms. Put the pompom on the yarn or ribbon and squeeze together where you glued so pompom is closed all the way around. If you use a glue gun, be very careful not to burn yourself. Continue to add the pompoms, mixing up the colors. Space the pompoms approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inches apart. You may want the pompoms closer, which is fine. Continue down the ribbon or yarn till it is completed. Tie another piece of yarn or ribbon to the dowel and repeat process till all pieces are used and each is full of pompoms. Use as many pieces of yarn or ribbon that you want and the same with the pompoms.

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