How To: Make snotty slime style goop at home for kids

Make snotty slime style goop at home for kids

Ever wondered how to make slime? Now you can learn! Make slime just like they use on Nickelodeon for Halloween, pranks, or just to play with! So gather up your ingredients and get cookin'!
We have used many creepy and gross things in the production of the Creepy Puppet Project films. One of the favourite things we use when blowing up zombies or making our monsters teeth drip with goop is snotty slime. So, here is your chance to learn how to make this simple gooey stuff and use it for all your own ghoulish ideas!
**Adult supervision required, this stuff can get dangerously hot when making it.**
You Will Need:
*food colouring
*powdered fibre (psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid)
*1 cup measuring scoop
*1 teaspoon measuring scoop
*a microwave safe bowl
*a mixing spoon
*a microwave
*oven mitts (optional)

Step 1:
In a microwave safe bowl, Mix 1 teaspoon of the powdered fibre with 1 cup of water
Step 2:
Mix a few drops of food colouring.
Step 3:
Place in Microwave and heat on high setting for 4 to 5 minutes
Step 4:
Keep an eye as the mixture boils and do not let it overflow the bowl.
Step 5:
Let the mixture stand in the microwave for 2 to 4 min.
Step 6:
Repeat step 4.
Step 7:
Continue to repeat the boiling and cooling process anywhere from 2 to 6 times. The more the boiling process is repeated, the thicker the slime mixture will become.
Step 8:
Let the mixture cool in the microwave for 10 minutes before handling it. You can also place the slime onto a tray or plate to cool. Once it has cooled.. you can PLAY with it!

*You can experiment with this recipe, add a bit more of the fibre powder to the mix you can even add a little bit of flavoured drink crystals if you want your snotty slime to taste good. But we dont recommend consuming it.
*This slime does clean up with soap and water. If not kept in an airtight container, it will dry out.

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