How To: Make a sock puppet

Make a sock puppet

Puppet time! Kids of all ages can make and play with these.
You Will Need
* An adult-sized sock
* Scissors
* Felt
* A hot glue gun and glue
* Buttons or googly eyes
* Yarn
* Accessories

Step 1
Put the sock on your hand with your fingers in the toe and your wrist at the heel of the sock.

Step 2
Touch your fingertips to your thumbtip inside the sock and push the fabric between them to make a mouth.

Step 3
Cut a circular piece of felt for the opening of the puppet's mouth and hot glue it into place.

Adding a tongue or teeth will give your sock puppet even more character.

Step 4
Glue buttons or googly eyes onto the sock.

Step 5
Cut yarn for hair and glue it onto the puppet's "head."

Step 6
Add accessories to your puppet. These might include a bowtie, hair ribbon, earrings, an eye patch, or glasses.

Fact: The original Kermit the Frog puppet was made using creator Jim Henson's mother's coat and a few ping-pong balls.

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