How to Make a sock puppy puppet

It's always a party when Sock Puppy is around. Dig into your sock drawer to create a cuddly new pal with puppeteer John Kennedy and his pal Tabitha in this how-to video. It's so fun and easy you can create a litter of sock puppies in no time! You will need a tube sock, a 3 1/2 square of poster board, a 3 x 4 piece of fur, a 3 x 5 piece of batting, a 3" square of red felt, two 3/8" black pom-poms, 1 black pom-pom, two 1 white pom-poms, sixteen 1/2" brown pom-poms, a 1 x, 3 pieces of pink sheet foam, a black permanent marker, scissors, a glue gun, and the step-by-step instructions in this video activity tutorial.

Make a sock puppy puppet

Make a sock puppy puppet Click through to watch this video on

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