How To: Safely make silly puddy

Safely make silly puddy

To make silly putty start by putting four tablespoons of Elmer's Glue into a glass jar. Next you will add two tablespoons of liquid starch into the glass jar with the Elmer's Glue. Use a metal fork to stir up the glue and starch mixture. Stir it until it is thoroughly mixed up. Then take the glue starch mixture out of the jar with the fork and put it onto some aluminum foil that you have laid out on the table. Take the mixture and squish it with your hands. Flatten the mixture out into a patty and put it on the foil. Take a few drops of food coloring onto the mixture and then fold it in half. Take the mixture and squish with your hand until the color is totally worked into the putty and it is the final color that you desire. After you are finished put the putty in a zip lock bag so that it won't dry out.

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