How To: Sneak out at night

Sneak out at night

We've all been there before. There's a huge party going on but your parents won't let you go out! If you're going to sneak out of the house, it helps to have a plan. This video will show not only how to sneak out, but how to get back in without getting caught.

Step 1: Walk through exit route
Walk through your exit route during the day to familiarize yourself with any potential noises. Fix squeaks and creaks if possible.

Step 2: Say goodnight
Dress in your pajamas, and say goodnight to your parents as you pretend to go to bed.

Step 3: Wait until parents are sleeping
Wait until you are positive your parents are sleeping. Listen for loud, deep breathing and snoring.

Step 4: Tiptoe
Tiptoe through the house to get to the door. If your room is on the first floor, climb out of a window.

Step 5: Unlock the door
Quietly unlock the door and gently close it behind you.

Step 6: Leave the door unlocked
Be sure to leave the door unlocked so you don't have to worry about jangling keys when you get back.

Step 7: Don't do anything illegal
Don't do anything illegal. It's one thing if your parents catch you coming in, but quite another if the police bring you home.

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