How To: Use the Crayola Illumination Station for art projects

Use the Crayola Illumination Station for art projects

Project it! Sketch it! Perfect it! The Crayola Illumination Station is three great drawing tools in one! Use the light desk mode to trace one of the 10 cool background scenes-or create your own. Switch to projector mode and insert an image disc. Choose from 120 characters to project and trace into your design. Add color and shading to your creation with the included Mini Super Tip markers to complete your work. You can even detach the projector and use it as a flashlight! Includes Illumination Station Projector and Light Desk, 20 image discs, 10 background scenes, 3 Mini Super Tips markers and1 Fine Line marker. This tutorial teaches you and your children how to use the Crayola Illumination Station for your art projects.

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