News: Make silly putty

Make silly putty

This is the Harpo Marx tutorial. We have several recipes for silly putty in our index... with sound, but this version (from our friends at YouTube) is more colorful. We just like it the best. It is aesthetically more appealing than the others; conceived for the visually minded.

So today, find your inner child. Come on. Remember the magic of Silly Putty? Remember rolling it around on a newspaper and astoundingly seeing the mirrored image clinging to the putty? So simple. So pleasurable.

Fun for all days of the week. Knock yourself out.

Make silly putty

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I'm definitely going to try this! But how do you store it?

Seems very easy to do. Does the food color rub of on your hands as you work the silly putty?

where is the video my compu to old

it sucks

2 cups of glue + 1 cup of starch = A lot of fun

wow I'm gonna try this as a party favor

Been curious about Silly Putty for forty years. Clever. I like your new layout, too.

sweet! i have to make it. but where do i find liquid starch? do they sell it in supermarkets?

That's silly.

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