News: Make a wallet out of tape

Make a wallet out of tape

Happy new year. But I am not that happy. I am feeling kind of blue. A holiday post partum. I just ate a great deal of food, and I am feeling lazy. It is cold outside. Nothing much on TV. I am waiting for the big playoff games. What can I do right now. My moment. Right now.

May I tactfully remind you, WonderHowTo is the cure for common boredom. You should never have to say "I am bored" again. We are not joking. When you have no constructive thoughts, when you just cannot handle any more of Youtube, when you want something to do but you do not want to leave the house... type in Today, my niece found this video on our site. It is made by the enormously talented folks at Make Magazine. As we speak she is showing me How to make a wallet out of tape. My turn is next. So much fun. Enjoy.

Make a wallet out of tape

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cool thank u and i just wanna kno are u gay?

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