How To: Build a durable bottle rocket using common items

Build a durable bottle rocket using common items

Benson Trenh and Mark Norris show viewers how to build a bottle rocket using common household items. To build this creation you will need tape, a hole puncher, scissors and string. Also use a black plastic bag, or any color, for the parachute! Cut the black plastic bag into a square, any size you would like! Next, take the square and punch a hole at each edge of the square and string the string through the hole tying a knot. You should now have the parachute! For the body of the rocket, get any two 2 liter pop bottle, make sure it is empty and clean! Make marks where you will cut one of the bottles, cutting off the top part of the bottle and the bottom inch of the bottle. Now, duct tape the cut bottle on the bottom to the bottle on top. The longer the taped bottles the more stable your rocket! Make a cone using a folder first cutting of the front cover. Wrap the cut paper cover into a cone, but it flat and drop a ball into the cone to make a nose. Now tape your string inside the bottom cut part of the bottle and tape the string into the cone! Now, using excess folder, add on wings evenly to the bottle, making 4 wings! Now, attach your parachute to the bottom of the rocket using tape! Now, your bottle rocket is ready to fly!

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